naturezone waters – price list

naturezone waters are a fabulous, healthy alternative to regular flavoured waters and sugar-laden fruit juices.    They are low-GI and low-CARB and because they sucrose and glucose free, they are diabetic friendly.  They have no preservatives but are rich in antioxidants and electrolytes.  Sounds like the perfect drink!

MACEY is currently the only supplier in Pinelands, Western Cape!

Please click on the link below to see our price list.  We’ll be placing an order early next week so please email should you wish to place an order.  Bulk orders will attract a 50% deposit and should you order 5 or less bottles of flavour water, please choose from the flavours below, as these are the flavours I’ll have in stock:

  • Apple + Pear
  • Lemon + Lime
  • Naartjie
  • BlueBerry

macey pricelist naturezone

Please visit for more information about these products.

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